You say you want some more Marco Torres? Here are some notes from the first half of his presentation. Unfortuantely I wasn't able to stay for the whole thing since I had to get back to Shanghai to teach and stuff...

Torres' uncles were makers of (bad) films in Mexico. Wresters vs. Vampires (sounds like a good movie to me!) The trust and collaboration that Torres saw happening between the filmmaking team he grew up with he didn't see reflected in schools when he began teaching.

Important events are more often remembered as visual images.

Teachers, you have three options: Quit, Complain, or Innovate.

When I Become a Teacher:

Digital Storytelling becomes about Product and Process.
We are blurring the lines between amateur and professional.

Marco Torres has officially killed powerpoint.

"Hong Kong is far, its so far I saw the guy on the plane in front of me get drunk twice. But on the internet, its close."

Schooling is getting in the way of Learning.


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