Portrait Party!

Our foundations art classes just completed a portrait party with Melissa Woodland's class from Bethlehem, PA. For those of you not familiar with portrait parties, they are the brainchild of artist and art teacher Rama Hughes. The premise is simple; you and a partner draw each other and post the results online. If you're geographically challenged, you send each other pictures and draw from them. We're all excited to get our portraits- although the mail in China is terribly unreliable... as is the internet. Once again, I have to go through a proxy to get to my own blog.


On a happier note, here are the portraits our classes did, enjoy!


  1. Anonymous said...
    you have a bunch of very talented students! I enjoyed looking at these portraits very much!
    Patricia said...
    This is such a wonderful way to make an assignment so much more! What a lovely way to make art social.

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