If you hadn't guessed, our annual 'summer slow down' has started a few weeks early this year. If you can imagine all the normal fuss with the end of school year, compounded with the hassle of trying to get around the newly rebuilt great firewall of china- it was just too much. I have a brief reprieve though; in the states I'm able to experience the internet in its 'pristine' uncensored form. I used this opportunity to add a bunch of new blogs to our Art Education Blogroll - an increasingly annoying task in China with both blogger and Ning blocked.

Here are our recently added blogs:

Art 24/7: A new blog by one the teachers who worked on the Rotoball project. Her students did a rotoscoped claymation. Double the animation goodness!

Media Arts Education: Detailing the intersection of art, media, and technology at the High School and University levels.

Lori Stevens Artist: Art, Education, Books, and misc. potpourri.

Bella Fiore: Flowers, photos, Italy, politics... and some art education as well!

Wonderbrooks: A blog about the mind of an elementary art teacher.


  1. Girbino said...
    HI David-
    I'm honored to be posted here, although my blog seems pretty bland compared to all you've got going on. A follow-up to the Rotoball & Empty Bowls things I did this year: 1) students LOVED them both!; 2) I just might get more working technology as my art program has really gone beyond the school walls. Thanks to you for making roto seem possible.
    dsgran said...
    Hi Lois,
    Thanks! I'm glad both events worked out so well for your students. Please do let me know if your involvement in the rotoball project helps build the technology program. Its been a great side benefit for a few of the schools that have gotten involved in it (I wish I could claim credit for thinking of it! :)

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