Happy Father's Day!

...and its (sort of) my first! :)


  1. craigr said...
    Congrats to you & Kim. Looks like the makings of a new subversive in the house.
    Girbino said...
    Congratulations! Judging by the "accessories", I'm guessing that you are expecting a boy :)?
    frank@learningIT said...
    hey congrats on the new addition!
    dsgran said...
    Thanks guys!! We're very excited :)

    @craigr - I'm working on a lullaby version of 'Fight the Power'.

    @Lois- Ha, no, we don't know yet- Annie Hall proved that women can wear bowlers... and my mustache isn't real either ;)
    Kitty Maverick said...
    Congrats, Mr. Gran! :D
    Klanenyc said...
    Hi David,

    Wow! This is exciting news! Congratulations on the soon to be new addition to the family. I can't wait to me her/him. What is the ETA?


    dsgran said...
    Thanks Yvonne!

    @Kim- We found out today - we're expecting a girl! ...sometime around Nov. 17!

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