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As a proud 'art ed geek', the end of summer always means a good deal of catching up on all my favorite Art Ed Blogs. The Blogroll keeps on growing, and here are some great new additions:

McWilson's Menagerie is a new elementary / middle school blog inspired into existence by Will Richardson's BLOGS, WIKIS, PODCASTS And Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms. There's already a great post about connecting idea and image (through a reference to one of my all time favorite books).

Digital Art Bytes is a new art and technology blog. Here's a great old school how-to animation video from Walt Disney. Good find!

Evergreen Art looks like another good resource for TAB related thoughts and materials, including a useful index of articles.

Blogs also make great art galleries for student work, and Art Cossroads is a great example of how to use a blog to display work and share information. This blog also happens to feature one of my favorite projects: plaster masks. Its always great fun to introduce the lesson without warning the kids about the plaster on their faces in advance. Doh!

Art Adventures has some neat lesson ideas, including some interesting new variations on familiar projects.

Finally, I've added two Twitter feeds to the Art Ed 2.0 Blogroll, one is the Art Ed 2.0 Twitter Feed (follow), and the other is a search for all mentions of "art education" on Twitter. If you're not yet following Art Ed 2.0 (or myself), please do, and we'll follow you too. Tweets for followers of Art Ed 2.0 will appear on the Blogroll. Finally, if you're tweeting something that other art teachers will benefit from, please add the hashtag #arted20 to your tweet!


  1. Joyce said...
    Thanks for the mention. I agree with you - summer is a grand time to follow all those weblinks I don't give myself permission to wander through when things are busy at school.
    Jennifer said...
    I really appreciate the mention!
    dsgran said...
    Sure thing Joyce and Jennifer- looking forward to following your blogs.

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