Lomo Fish Eye

This summer Kim bought me a Holga Lomography camera and a fisheye lens for my birthday. These fun little cameras give you the opportunity to work with this retro material called 'film' (which was the medium that photographers worked in between derrogotypes and digital), and it mimics the poor color quality which we once lamented and now idolize. The cameras themselves are inexpensive and the students seem to love the idea of giving their photographs a lomographic look. You don't need a special camera for that, just photoshop and one of many tutorials to get you started.

The neat thing about the fisheye lens though, is that its a cheap little add-on, and you can purchase an adaptor so that it fits on to your DSLR camera.

Below are some pictures I took at the Hongqaio Flower Market in Shanghai with the fisheye attached to the kit lens that comes with the Canon 450D.

Oh, but the fisheye wasn't meant for capturing natural beauty. This lens just begs to be used for silliness. Here are our cats:

I can has camera?

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  1. m a R a said...
    hi david.. i agree fish eye lenses are fun.. but in some odd ways i think fish eye lenses can also capture some nature's beauty..
    somehow they can turn an otherwise blah photo into something more..:)

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