Rotoball 2010

Teachers of various digital media and animation take heed! The international collaborative Rotoball Project returns in 2010 with an important change: This year, we will accept any form of animation, as long as it conforms to the rules of the game!

These rules are:

The ball must enter from the left hand of the screen.
The ball transforms into a new object and interacts with a chosen scene.
The object transforms back to a ball and exits the right hand of the screen.
The entire animation is 15 seconds.

For those unfmailiar with our project, I present last year's magnum opus, created by almost 200 students from 22 schools in 8 countries around the world.

Rotoball 2009:

Also, be sure to join the Rotoball conversation on our Rotoball group on Art Education 2.0!

Even though we will now accept other forms of animation, we will keep the name of our preferred technique, partially to maintain a little bit of consistency, partly to celebrate an oft overlooked kind of animation, and partially because 'Animiball' just doesn't sound as good.

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