My IB Film Year 2 students are brainstorming their final narrative project. We scrapped our original idea- sometimes that's part of the process. I was looking online this morning for some new inspirational short films to show them. This is perhaps one of the best short films I've seen in years- it's fun, its well shot, its clever, and its simple.

I'll be showing it to my IB Film class next week. Kurt Kuenne's Validation:


  1. Emperor_Dane said...
    you should note that the storyline of
    'rent a person' also links up with validation


    skocko said...
    I watched Validation the other morning and immediately thought you might enjoy this too...


    For all of us hopeless romantics! ;)
    Tabatha said...
    Got a big kick out of this. Thanks!
    dsgran said...
    Dane- How cool! Thanks for pointing that out- what a clever tie in (I admit, I was wondering what you were talking about until I got to the end!)

    Mike- Fantastic! Such a funny series of cameos too.

    Thanks guys, I'll be sure to put those both on our class site for the students to watch!
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