Light Painters on NPR

Thanks to Claire O'Neill for the article on our light painting project, Paint The World With Light on the NPR blog.

An update to the project: We will be publishing a book of student work at the conclusion of the project, with all proceeds going to benefit the Jacaranda School in Malawi. Submission deadline for our project is March 1st, 2010.

For more information, please check out our website!

Now if we can only get a shout out on Car Talk!


  1. rebecca said...

    I just presented the project to my first class, and they are so excited! We aren't actually starting the project until next week, but I presented the project today so they can start thinking about ideas and gathering light sources for the project. The fact that it's been covered on NPR is gravy! When do I get to meet Ira Glass? ;)
    roji said...
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