Share Your City: Shanghai

My friend Kate McCormick Torres recently organized this great student project, called Share Your City. Students from around the world submit images of their cities to her project, which she will then display on a Google Map, linking artwork and geographic location. This promises to be an exciting way to experience a global display of student work.

I had my IB students work on this project in the medium of their choice. In their workbooks, they described what they love and hate about Shanghai; what they think is amazing about the city, and what they think is bizarre. They thought about what medium would best express their ideas, and how to show the city from a perspective that was uniquely their own.


  1. Linda Moran said...
    Wonderful!! Artwork is great - and I love Shanghai - visited in the 70s.
    dsgran said...
    Thanks Linda! We love Shanghai too... traffic notwithstanding, as you can probably guess from the students' work! :)

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