One of my very talented former students sent me some great links that are perfect for any IB Film or Media Lit class. Well, the Lars Von Treier one might not be perfect for your classroom. In fact, you might want to make sure its appropriate before sharing it with the students. One project that I've done in the past is to have the students create videos in the style of famous directors. These would be perfect examples.

Wes Anderson's Spiderman:

I love the way they mimic both Anderson's deadpans and camera pans.

Lars Von Triere's Denmark Tourism Ads:

Thanks for those, Travis! We've got a new agenda in IB Film today!

Finally, I stumbled across this article, that celebrates the art of cinematography with written descriptions of techniques, and visuals pulled from YouTube. Its a really excellent explanation of the art, and a great introduction to film language.


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