Lip Dubs

One of my former students just introduced me to the "Lip Dub" phenomenon, in which various school communities do an entire music video in one long carefully choreographed shot (see my previous post about my desire to assign the students a single shot video). In addition to the challenge of choreographing this correctly, and coming up with neat ways to use the camera, it seems like an excellent way of bringing the whole school community together in a way that celebrates various aspects of school life.

This is the video that Kai sent me, it stands out among the Lip Dubs as it was filmed backwards- similar to Spike Jonze's music video Drop for the Pharcyde, but again... all in one shot:

Searching for LipDub on YouTube produces quite a few results, with some really neat ideas and interpretations of the project (as well as some lousy ones... hey, it is YouTube).

No, how to get the whole school together for a few hours though... now there's an even bigger challenge...

Thanks Kai!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hmm.. I've thought about this quiet much..... it sure raises a few questions..
    Patty said...
    Oh wow lip dubs are a crazy challenge! This video is great, thanks for posting!
    rebecca said...
    That is so cool!!! I've been dying to do one since you blogged about the single shot video last time!

    I wonder how they got the mouths to move the right way (sort of) doing it all backwards? Tricky!
    kristine h said...
    Oh. My. Gosh.

    This makes me feel totally inadequate as an art teacher! What an amazing video!
    James said...
    Again lip dubs, I'm so tired of them, in my college all students are crazy about them... I still don't understand what is the catch in it.

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