S2F2 2010 (Part I)

This year's Shanghai Student Film Festival was a great success. The students spent the morning learning about the process from Marvel Studio's C.B. Cebulski, storytelling from UCLA's Joe Janeti, and Stephanie Auerbach, a set dresser from Merchant Ivory productions.

In the evening, students watched some amazing student made films. For me, one of the highlights was Madison Boll's My Brother, a touching and complex documentary on her autistic brother; an impressive feat for a middle school student. The middle school students also impressed with Revenge a creepy ghost story from Maria Memede. Dr. Joy and Mr. Sad showed off the music talents of The Lycee Francais de Shangahi's own band The Broken Picks.

Of course, I'm also especially proud of the work of my own students. Cailin and Meg's Ambrosian Flagrato is the first IB Year 2 film we've produced at SAS (we'll post that after the assessments), and they did a phenomenal job. Great script, great acting, great directing, camera, and editing. Finally, I'm proud of Hearin's The Box, the winner of the 2010 Shanghai Student Film Festival!

I couldn't be prouder of all the student work- each year the students set the bar higher and higher for themselves. I know the judges must have had a difficult time culling out some of the fantastic work.


  1. Jeff Utecht said...
    You did it again! Way to pull off another successful film festival.

    Let me know when all the videos are posted.
    Kitty Maverick said...

    The quality has really skyrocketed, makes me fill like I should catch up! Thankfully my artistic skills has increased a little over the past two years...*laughs*

    Hoping to see all the videos soon!

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