Stuff From my Students

Today was one of those days when I felt like I got more out of my students than they got out of my class- but that's actually a nice feeling.

First Hearin, one of my IB Film Year 2 students and Film Club President, showed this great inspirational video. Even though its an ad for a school, it could be perfect for an IB Art class, or any class that emphasizes the use of a sketchbook, for that matter.

And from Gabe, in my IB Film Year One class, I took these shots of his laptop:

Very clever, Gabe. Very clever.


  1. M. Cauthron said...
    This is hilarious and creative. You should encourage that kid to produce and sell a keyboard skin (similar to the Pshop or FCP short cuts) and sell it to students world wide.
    dsgran said...
    Hmmmm... good idea, and in China I'll bet there's a factory somewhere within a stone's throw that could make those...

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