Update 11/19: The Rotoball link is down, I'll update again when its back up. The project however, goes on!

No, I'm not mixing projects, although I haven't been getting a lot of sleep and it does conjure some interesting ideas...

If you're working on F L O A T, or thinking about it, here is the keynote powerpoint presentation (.ppt file) that I used with my own students*. Since one of our objectives in this project is for each community and class to approach it in their own way, feel free to use, change, ignore, laugh at, pity, or alter this presentation in anyway that fits your own curricular needs. You can also watch the presentation here, although it doesn't make as much sense without the included presentation notes:

Not that 'making sense' is one of my strong points, but there you go.

In other news, if you are now, have ever been, or would like to participate in the Rotoball Project, the site for 2011 is up! Be sure to check to make sure that your school is listed and get the students started! Remember that despite its name, any kind of animation would be welcomed! Now in its fourth year as a global collaboration, I'm even willing to be flexible on the parameters of the project itself. If you want to be really different, all I'm asking for this year is that the ball enter from the left and exit the right in about 15 seconds. What happens in that time is totally up to you.

Wow, I was nervous about putting that out there, but now that I have, it feels right.

*I converted to Powerpoint after a certain Mac Labber suggested that not everyone uses Keynote. I know, can you believe it? A Mac Labber!


  1. Frank said...
    Rotoball '11 link = "404 not found."
    dsgran said...
    Thanks Frank. Working on it!

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