According to Scientific American, creativity is enhanced with increased interaction between the right and left brain. In a recent experiment, participants who followed a dot across a screen back and fourth from left to right (in order to increase communication between hemispheres) were more creative than those who did not.

30 Seconds to more creativity? I think I have a new 'do-now' at the beginning of each class. Follow the dot with your eyes.


  1. Dawn D. Lion said...
    Interesting, it seems to me the same eye motion happens when you read, is that one of the keys to reading?
    craigr said...
    Love it! All these years we thought that having kids make art would enhance their creativity, and all we need to do is have them stare at a moving ball. Go figure.

    I will add this to my list of "proven" ways to enhance creativity like staring at the Apple Logo, taking a nap, and more.
    dsgran said...
    @Dawn- that's a great point. I wonder if that means that reading Japanese (top to bottom) doesn't spark as much creativity...

    @Craig - make art? wow, that's so 20th century. ;)

    I have to admit though, I am wondering if in January I should have a control and test group with a simple creative exercise to see for myself if this works.

    Although, maybe I should do 30 seconds of this, 30 seconds of staring at the apple logo, and then have the students take a quick nap before letting them loose with the materials. With a triple threat like that, I'm bound to get some great results :)
    arabellaesmerelda said...
    Read about EMDR and think about the process.

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