No More Field Trips!

Why would you ever want to leave your art classroom again?

If you're an art teacher, an artist, an art student, or have any remote interest in art, you probably already know about Google Art Project. If you don't, maybe you're like me and this content is blocked by the country in which you live... or you're unlike me and missed this because you're better at managing your online/offline time...

Either way, GAP (nice acronym, Google) has some really amazing features. Starting with a few key museums around the world, including The Met, The Uffizi, The Hermitage and many others, you can now bring their art to your classroom. GAP includes these following amazing features:

1. You can take a virtual walk through some of their galleries.
2. You can zoom in on the work. Really close. Above is a close up of the eye of Botticelli's Venus (she's showing her age, those wrinkles look pretty deep this close up).
3. You can click on the big >>i on the right hand side of the screen to get more information about the gallery you are in, or the specific painting. This often brings up useful links, text, maps, and videos.
4. You can create your own collection, for easy retrieval.

So I'm canceling all future field trips. Who wants to go to your local museum or gallery when you can go all over the world without leaving your room?*

*I'm totally kidding. Keep your hate mail to yourself.

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