Vik Munez

I snuck into into Kate's classroom yesterday after hearing the beginning of this TED Talk she was showing to her class, given by artist Vik Munez. More than anything, this video illustrates how Munez' vision is guided by his sense of humor and joie de vivre. I could tell that it was inspiring her students to approach their artwork in the same way.

I'll show it next week!

Thanks, Kate!


  1. Anonymous said...
    You're welcome! Vik Muniz is one of my personal favorite artists! You have not lived until you have painted a cow.... Glad we could help inspire! Cheers,Kate :-)
    Ms Farrell said...
    Have you seen his latest film "Wasteland" that brings to life the people living and working in a landfill in Rio?
    dukebecky said...
    I've used this TED talk and shown his work to students. They also watched Wasteland and couldn't stop talking about it.

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