Art Workfrence in Shangahi!

I was just having a discussion with my colleague Joan about whether or not the upcoming Transform: Shanghai event is a conference or a workshop. Joan is one of the founders of the event when it was started in Beijing four years ago. Since then it has moved to Shanghai, and I'm proud to be helping out on the organizing committee. I assumed we were calling it a conference because it contains multiple workshops, talks, and excursions, but Joan said it was conceived a a workshop because its a place for people to get together to learn new skills and approaches. Since she is a founder of the event, I deferred to her categorization; however, we then agreed that it was actually somewhere in between. Sort of a Confshop, or Workfrence.

Either way, if you're reading this from your art room anywhere in Asia, what are you waiting for? We got great presenters, great art detours in the city, and great company. Register!

On another note entirely, I thought that this was an insightful and humorous look at merit pay.

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  1. Ms Farrell said...
    The yearly ARARTE conference hasn't "moved" to Shanghai but takes place in a different venue each year to give its members a chance to showcase their city. We have gathered, in our short existence, in Beijing, Delhi, Singapore and now Shanghai!
    It only gets better!! don't miss it!

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