Dali in Singapore

I have a lot of catching up to do, so I'm going to refrain for the time being from my common reflections and musings on a given topic (you're welcome) and simply let the pictures speak for themselves. Just a little while ago, Kim, Amaya and I spent an amazing week visiting friends and family (or more accurately, friends who are like family to us) in Singapore. However, we also got to do a little sightseeing (as much as the attention span of a toddler will allow), and we checked out a fantastic exhibit of Dali's work at the Art and Science Museum on the Singapore Esplanade (the building itself merits a second entire post on its own when I have a little more time to do so).

 Here are some photos (including some of Amaya having some fun in the museum- couldn't resist):


 Also, I spied this interesting juxtaposition of signs in a mall just above the subway station:


 Or is that just honesty in advertising?


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    dsgran said...
    Thank you Anonymous. I'm sure Dali would have agreed with your insightful response to his work.

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