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Last year we had a stupendous showing of art blogs nominated for edublog awards, and even a few finalists!  Art did indeed rock the edublogs, and this year its time to crack the winner's circle wide open. I've found some amazing resources in the work of my colleagues from around the world, but more than anything else, there is one site that deserves recognition:

Best educational use of a social network: Art Education 2.0 

Art Ed 2.0 has been in existence for about 5 years and has grown to 10,000 membersIt is used by thousands of art teachers on a daily basis, and is not just an amazing resource in itself, but a critical starting point for many art teachers who have begun to integrate technology into their classroom.  In my humble opinion, there is no better example of a collaborative website that has transformed so many classrooms from without. 

Moving on, I am renominating some of the sites I had nominated last year, not just because these are some of my favorite sites, but because they have grown and developed in such interesting ways.  For example, Tricia Fuglestad's  Fugleflicks has developed and grown in its new home at Dryden Art.  Kim Sajan's (bias admitted) Art is Messy has developed from a resource sharing / elementary art blog into a resource sharing / high school blog with great exemplar lessons that Kim uses with her Graphic Design, Art II, and Yearbook classes.

I'm also nominating some new ones, like ameria [blog] a jaw-droppingly amazing guide to creating great A-Level Art (which is the New Zealand curriculum, but practical to IB or AP students as well, and inspirational to just about anyone).

Best Individual Blog: The Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet
Best group blog: The Teaching Palette
Best new blog: ameria [blog]: A Level Art
Best class blog: ISB IB Fine Arts
Best resource sharing blog:  Learning IT
Best teacher blog: Art is Messy
Best librarian / library blog: Tech Library Classroom
Best educational tech support blog: The Thinking Stick
Best educational use of video / audio / podcast: Dryden Art
Best educational wiki: Ib Art Online Studio
Best educational use of a social network:  Art Education 2.0


  1. Amiria Gale said...
    Wow, thank you so much for the nomination! I just saw that I had traffic from your site and was absolutely blown away to discover your nomination. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

    Amiria xx
    dsgran said...
    Hey Amiria,
    Your blog is amazing. I've found so many useful ideas and approaches there. I've also shared it with my IB Art students who were just as thoroughly amazed and (I hope) as motivated to push themselves further!


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