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  1. craigr said...
    I was just going through some boxes of old files (getting a jump on spring cleaning) today and came across a NAEA conference catalog from the 80s in which I had jotted down notes from a session given by Roukes on his Art Sytnectics approach. This is a book I used extensively in the earlier part of my career. Interesting that you posted something on the book here in 2011. Shows how some books/approaches never get old. -CR
    dsgran said...
    The book as a whole is amazing, but his operational techniques stands out to me as something that is so incredibly useful to having students actually visualize various approaches to their projects.

    The only thing is that it is an incomplete list, in fact, its probably an incomplete-able list. Maybe having students themselves invent new operational techniques- or at least variations would be a useful exercise in itself.
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