Surrealistic Me by Ying Ying
This post is your one-stop shop for international collaborative projects that your students can start now!  The Student Creative is back with challenges both old and new. If you're teaching photography or digital media, check out our Surrealistic Me project. Heck, if you're teaching any traditional media, check out our Surrealistic Me project. 

Let's face it, you're probably teaching surrealism anyway.  

Maybe you're already approaching it in the form of a self portrait.  If you are, great! Submit! Its free and we'd love to include your students work.  If not, Why not adapt your project and make it work in our book? Students will submit surrealistic self portraits, the end result of which will be a cross section of surreal students from around the world.  Similar to our earlier projects, the final selected images will be published in book form, the profits of which will again benefit the Jacaranda Foundation for AIDS orphans in Malawi.  Those books, by the way, are still available.

No? Teaching film, video... animation?  Something along the moving-image lines? We got you covered.  The Rotoball Project is back for 2012- our fifth year as an international collaborative project!

Join us, won't you?  These big international collaborative projects give students the opportunity to see how other students in other parts of the world respond to similar creative challenges and connects students through a love of art-making. 


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