Hearin's Academy Award Debut

I suppose its ever film teacher's dream to see one of their students on stage at the academy awards, although I never expected that one would be there so soon after graduation.

Hearin Ko, our two time Shanghai Student Film Festival winner, and SAS Alum was one of six students selected to present an oscar at this year's ceremony in a nationwide contest of film students.   You can read about the process for her selection here.  Below is her submission for the contest. 

If you're tuned into the awards, look out for her!


  1. Ms. Amy said...
    Congrats to you and to your student!! My husband and I are watching while I am reading, and we saw your student!! It is so special when we get to see the lasting effects we have on students and/or get to witness the creative success of our students.
    dsgran said...
    Thanks Ms. Amy! I'm super proud of her. She's an amazing filmmaker, I doubt it will be the last time she graces that stage.
    digitalinfo said...
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