Reflections on CGI

I am a bit captivated by Spherical Harmonics, this short film that is a reflection on the nature and state of CGI imagery.   Without words, this film examines the incredible reality - and artificiality of the CGI image. 

Spherical Harmonics from Alan Warburton on Vimeo.

Artist Alan Warburton discusses his ideas behind this film in this interview - touching on the nature of a new artform with a fully unique set of tools, the state of the industry, and ideas about what happens next.

Years ago I posted here about some of my struggles with CGI- its innate coldness and artificiality and a focus on the spectacle over a feeling of humanity or a sense of story.  A lot  has changed in that time.  So much in fact, that I've come to believe that when scholars look back at this time, it will be said that some of the most meaningful art will have been made with these tools.


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