Remembering Maxine

I only had the opportunity to take one class with Maxine Greene while at Teachers College, but I remember hanging on her every word, and reading The Dialectic of Freedom on more than one occasion cover to cover.  That book, more than any other, has shaped who I am as a teacher.  There is one passage in particular that always reminds me about why our jobs as art teachers carries such weight.  According to Greene, the purpose of arts education is to teach:
….the relation between freedom and the consciousness of possibility, between freedom and imagination—the ability to make present what is absent, to summon up a condition that is not yet….to seek out openings in their (students’) lived situations, to tolerate disruptions of the taken-for-granted, to try consciously to become different than they are. 

 Thank you, Maxine, for all of your inspiration.  Maxine passed away last month at the age of 96. 


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