Girl Band!

I have had the opportunity to teach some amazing students over the years, and its always a proud moment when their hard earned skills and creative approaches gain greater recognition.  Such is the case with former Shanghai American School student Cailin Lowry, whose new film premiers at the Tribeca Film Festival today. 

Check out the trailer:

The film itself is fantastic, but more importantly there is no question that they are taking on the film industry's gender inequality both behind and in front of the camera.  You can read more about the film and the intentionality behind it in this article from Revelist.

Here's an excerpt:

A huge impetus for creating “Girl Band” was the trio’s desire to see characters like themselves on TV; women who are (sometimes crudely) funny and not afraid to make a poop joke, but also seriously career-minded and highly committed to their group of equally ambitious female friends.
Explained Lowry, “You so rarely, if ever, see women who are ambitious and confident when they’re young and aren’t prioritizing boys [on TV]. If I ever see a self-assured young woman in media, it’s somehow a negative. She’s either shown as a bitch or selfish.”
It is this type of filmmaking that makes you realize how decidedly sad it is that we even need a Bechdel Test for most of what we see today.


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