This fall I'll be teaching a class in cartooning and animation again. I've always wanted to get into 3D animation with the students, but there are some some issues: its a lot for an introductory class to handle, its very advanced for high school, and well, I'd actually have to learn it first myself. So. Until I work all that out, perhaps just an explanation for them on how it works. Since they see so much 3D animation in the movies (from the Pixar films like The Incredibles to the Computer Generated Imagery of the Star Wars prequels, it would be useful for them to, at the very least, understand how it is done.

Le Building is an 3D animated short. Its funny and very well done, but it does contain a few seconds of cartoon nudity. Screen before you show.

Once they've seen the animation, they can see how it was done in this 'making of' video. Its a great little mini-documentary and its all show and no tell.

(link via Drawn!)


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