Low Budget Photography Class

Now, while we here at the revolution don't condone any illegal activities, we understand that teachers may once in a while be in need of shortcuts in order to get things done. Today's lesson involves the purchase and modification of a product for a use other than intended. While I don't think this is actually illegal, it can't make the folks who made said product very happy.

Well, what can I say? This is a revolution, after all.

Camera Hacker shows you the step by step process of disassembling a disposable Kodak Max One Time camera, and modding it so that you've got a fully functional re-usable camera for your class.

Now here's a lesson for your advanced students:

Hack a disposable digital camera.

This one is a little advanced for me, but if you're into minor electronics, or know someone who is, you've got yourself a cheap 1.3 Megapixel Camera for $11.

There is currently some buzz on the web about a disposable digital video camera, hopefully I'll have something to post on that shortly...


  1. Crumbolst said...
    I love the idea of re-using disposable cameras.

    But disposable digital cameras?! When are we going to answer for the mountianous landfills we're creating? Even in the name of art, this is wrong... unless of course we find a way to hack them, too.
    dsgran said...
    Good point! The digital still cameras are hackable, and it sounds like we're days away from a digital video camera hack: link
    dsgran said...
    ...erm.. point being that we'll have a few less items for the landfill...

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