Reproduce and Revolt

I just received Josh McPhee's book, "Stencil Pirates: A Global Study of the Street Stencil" from Amazon, and boy is it great. Even better is McPhee's new project, "Reproduce and Revolt" a new book of "open source" political action images that can be used by anyone. Even better? You can submit your (or your students) artwork for inclusion in the book. Act quickly, the deadline is October 31st, 2005.

Reproduce and Revolt! is a graphic toolbox to be launched into the hands of political activists all over the world. The book will contain over 300 new and exciting high-quality black & white illustrations and graphics about social justice and political activism for activists to use on flyers, posters, t-shirts, brochures, stencils or any other graphic aspects of political campaigns. All the graphics will be bold and easy to reproduce, in addition to being royalty-free/open source/anti-copyright/creative commons. This means folks will be able to use and reproduce the graphics for free! The book will come with clear instructions on how to best utilize the images so as to improve the graphic qualities of political campaigns. It will also contain a short history of political graphics, an archive of political flyers and posters throughout history, as well as information about and a bibliography of further reading for all of the social justice issues the art will cover.

Another great resource brought to you by our friends at Visual Resistance.


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