22 Panels That Always Work

Wally Wood's cheatsheet for comics artists sounds like it has a bit of a reputation in certain circles. Joel Johnson has found an original copy and scanned it in for your non-commercial classroom use. Although it is certainly a great little resource if you're teaching a cartooning lesson, it also would be a good little reference to take a gander if doing portraiture, composition, or storyboarding for video.


  1. Olman Feelyus said...
    This is just awesome on so many levels. It's a crazy little snippet of comics history, an amazing insight into the tension between creativity and commercial production (and how that tension can result in such an effective end result) and a beautiful presentation of comic panel techniques. I love that that guy was able to actually buy the original and then he scanned it for everyone else. Sometimes there is good.
    dsgran said...
    Yes, I should have mentioned that his story is as interesting as the comic itself. Good point!

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