We're Back!

Welcome back to the revolution! The good news is that the un-banning of blogger in China seems to have coincided with our arrival here.

Anyway, back in the early days of the revolution, I posted about pipslab, a group of artists in the Netherlands who make light graffiti. Here's a group of Japanese artists who have taken that idea a step further: light graffiti...animations!

I could watch that for hours.


  1. Olman Feelyus said...
    That is very cool. I especially like how they get the bouncing effect. How do they do it? Just by tracing flashlights in the air?
    dsgran said...
    Yep. They take a rather long exposure with each camera shot (they must have the apeture waaaay down) and he draws the frame in the air, and they repeat that a number of times. That's my guess at least, can't read the site!

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