Small Carrot for Small Media

Here's a site that I feel an immediate kinship for (if kinship can be felt between websites). Small carrot hosts all kinds of verrrry short movies for verrrry small screens. In other words, some cool video content for your ipod, psp, or cellphone. The innovative thing about this site is that it conceptualizes a kind of video that is designed for these handheld devices alone. Not that this is an entirely new idea, but it is surprisingly rare in a world where more and more people can play movies they keep in their pockets.

As far as new media goes, these short video-casts have yet to really catch on. Sites like Youtube have obviously caught on as a popular form of new media, but those videos aren't even available for download to your handhelds, (at least, not officially). Sites like these are a great resource for an animation or video class, where a huge amount of effort often goes into projects that end up being very short. Luckily, short-form video seems to be on the rise.


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