The International Animated Film Society has recently started a new project of archiving animation resources. There are quite a few gems on this page already. It includes some history, biography, tips, and instruction alll about animation. That being said, there's nothing here I'd integrate into an art class- they're the pretty formulaic "this is how you draw a cartoon head" kind of thing. Resources like this one always leave me with some mixed feelings. In general, I'm all about process over product. However, following these little "instructional" as a kid was one of the things that helped spark my interest in art. Its nice to have a web resource for them for students who really want to learn the "rules" of classical animation... as long as they'll go and break them later.

You also might want to check out this post on The Fundamentals of Composition. These old instructional images crack me up, but they're good visuals!


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