Pixilation is the process of using live actors for stop-motion animation - in other words, your actors essentially become puppets. Its a great project for students- it involves both a lot of careful planning and physical movement. Perfect for those days where you just need to hold your class outside.

This impressive little pixilation is actually an ad for Guinness beer. Normally, I don't put advertisements on this site (although I haven't heard back from Apple about sponsoring my work with a new G5, Wacom Tablet, and iphone... Hey Steve - give us a call, huh?). However, I have traditionally been unimpressed with most of the pixilation that I've seen - the notable exception being the work of Czech artist Jan Svankmajer (...and perhaps Peter Gabriel's music video for Sledgehammer). So I'm breaking my 'no advertisements' rule today, because I'm always looking for good examples for a pixilation project.

Disclaimer: Although I receive no compensation for this advertisement from Guinness Brewing or any subsidiary- I wouldn't say no if they bought me a beer.


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