Gawker: Time Lapse Video

Gawker is a great little open source app for creating time lapse video using your webcam. A simple and interesting project could be to have your students come up with a unique subject for a time lapse video. Sorry Windows users, this program is for Mac only - but really, you're art teachers. You should be using macs anyway. Sorry! Sorry. What did I just say about not advertising on this site?


Anyway, here's another creative use of Gawker - artist Gautam Rao uses it to create time-lapse videos of his paintings. It would be interesting to have a few of these during critiques - not only could the class look at the final project, but they could watch the process as well.

You can also share what your camera records with other Gawker users online - so there's also some opportunity for some collaborative projects.


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