One of the cool things about Instructables is that its choc-full of all kinds of lessons (some art, some not) provided in detail by anyone who has some creative endeavor that they want to share. Instructables will not provide you with a new set of lesson plans. Instead, what you will find is a great number of DIY solutions to all kinds of creative problems. For example, let's say you're looking for some new ideas for your printmaking lessons. There are a few different approaches to screen printing. Or here's a lesson that shows you how to easily etch images into copper (the interesting thing about this lesson is that the end product is the copper etching- not the creation of a printing plate).

And that's just one example. You'll find a whole lot more if you click on the art tag.

In addition, I've also found useful ideas in the most unexpected places. For example, you may never have a lesson on making a Boba Fett Helmet in your class, but you'll find a fantastic solution for manipulating cardboard into a dome shape.

Of course, whenever we deal with the wonder of Web 2.0 and freely contributed content, we have to remember that anyone (meaning anyone) can post their own content. So, while your students might find this neat instructable for a drawing machine interesting, they might also find interesting instructables like how to make your own absinthe or tattoo gun.

"...and remember, kids: absinthe and tattoo guns don't mix..."


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