In a lot of ways, the internet is the realization of Andy Warhol's famous quote about everyone being famous for 15 minutes in the future. Here we are in Andy's future, and every day we are introduced to new people and their interesting, creative, absurd, diabolical, exceedingly brilliant, or unequivicobly stupid endeavors and ideas. Everybody is famous. I'll trade you your autograph for mine.

What Warhol didn't realize though, is that in the future, everyone will also be an art teacher.

Well, that's not quite right - but every time I breeze through my favorite blogs, I find more exciting art projects and creative colaborations, that are introduced by someone - anyone - with a cool idea and a web page. Basically, people are creating their own projects and throwing them out there for other people to participate. Its art-ed meets fishing; instead of proposing a project to a class, they're casting their net into the world wide web, and catching responses of all sizes. As we've talked about before, some projects, like The One Million Masterpiece, require only minimal participation for anyone who wants to join. Others, like CG Sphere require more time and a working knowledge of 3D rendering. Each project you find requires a different skill set or level of commitment. There's something for everyone.

Another example is The Big Idea a project proposed by Getty Images. For this project, Getty offered a bunch of artist (and art collectives) the opportunity to pillage their stock image and video collection for the purpose of creating a unique artwork. The participants were only allowed to use images off the Getty site. The results are really quite varied and fantastic.

One of the most exciting results of the project is Koichiro Tsujikawa's Eyes, which creates a mezmerizing (and slightly unsettling) montage out of a single short repeated clip:

More of Tsujikawa's work can be viewed here.

As an art teacher, its great to see people who are enthusiastic enough to create what are essentially their own lessons, and participate in projects for which they'll recieve no compensation in money or a grade - just for the sheer enjoyment.


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