Light Conversation

Speaking of internet art teachers, those of you teaching photography will find a great resource in Strobist - a blog dedicated entirely towards lighting for photography; specifically getting your flash off your camera and into a better position. That's it - a very specific goal, and yet an infinite number of possibilities.

First take a look at their Lighting 101 class which is a great jumping off point.

Then you can go on and check out some other cool stuff on their site, like the DIY Macro Photography Studio.

However, one of the things that sets Strobist appart is the dialogue it creates with their readers - if you take a look at their Flickr Photoset, you can see all the amazing results that the Strobist community has produced in using the tips and techniques demonstrated on the website.

The byline of their website, "Join us for a Little Light Conversation" is cute and appropriate, as they are really pushing the whole Web 2.0 thing- learning through dialogue online.

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  1. David said...
    Hey, guys-

    Thanks for the nice post about my site.

    FWIW, I used to be a teacher back in the day (Intermediate Photography, Howard Community College, Maryland, late '80's) and I have always tried to run the site the same way we ran the classes: Very egalitarian, very interactive and basically a case of the inmates running the asylum.

    Keep up the good work and fight the fight to keep art education on the radar screen.

    David H.

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