Once again, another neat collaborative project comes down the through the internet tubes to our computers. Zoomquilt 2 is the "sequel" project to the original Zoomquilt, made in 2004. As you scroll through the "zoomquilt" the different quilt "patches" reveal themselves infinitely and seamlessly embedded in each other.

As with most sequels- the original is a little bit more interesting and unique. However, both projects will appeal to high school students, as they are filled with skulls, distended and altered human forms, random psychedelia, and other hallmarks of adolescent expression.

This might be a difficult project to pull off with your class (it would take a bit of planning), perhaps each student would come up with an idea for a different "frame" and collaborate with the students whose "frames" appear on either side of their own. The frames could be done in Flash or imported into flash - could also be done in a video editing program as well. Something to think about, anyway. Either way, I love the idea of finding new ways to link individual projects with a common theme.


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