Art Ed 2.0 - The Website!

I'm very pleased to promote Craig Roland's latest project - the Art Ed 2.0 Social Networking site. As he describes it - its kind of like "My Space for art teachers". I'd like to amend that to call it "My Space without the teen angst and l33t speak*.

After you sign up, you can participate in discussions, post video and photos, and find out what other art teachers are up to in their professional lives. Here is what Craig has to say:

To become a member of Art Education 2.0, you need to first register on the site for a ning username and password. Once you’re a member, you can set up your own page on the site, post to your own blog, participate in discussions, upload photos, and so on.

Check us out at http://arted20.ning.com. But, note that you can’t get past the homepage without becoming a member (which is free).

One other thing: I’ve reported a bug on the site that I’ve been told by ning developers will be corrected in their next update. In short, when you try and log into Art Education 2.0 from a linked page like this one, it bounces you back to the linked page. I know that may sound confusing. But, I’ve discovered that you can avoid this problem by bookmarking the Art Education 2.0 site and accessing it from your browser’s bookmark (or favorites) menu rather than accessing it from this page.

Hope you’ll join us!

I hope so too! Be sure to add me as a friend. See you over there.

*not that I mind it, w00t!


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