A Russian Site for Kids

Here's another nice website for lower-elementary. Its entirely in Russian, so I can't help you out with the name. In some ways, this site is very similar to artpad (mentioned here earlier) in that you have limited resources and it will play back the creation of your drawing as an animation; however, it also has animated brushes and characters, so your final composition can have all kinds of motion in it.

As the brush strokes are broad and occasionally random, it doesn't require fine motor skills to explore and enjoy. In fact, you can tell by my little exploration, that fine motor skills don't seem to be much of an advantage here at all. But at least you can see all the funny little flowers and dots moving around.

It seems to me that programs like this are perfect for very young students in both art and technology classes who are beginning to learn how to do things like click and drag with the mouse.


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