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I've been burnt out on PowerPoint for a few years now. Of course its an effective tool for presenting information; but after a while, presentations start to look the same, animations that used to look cute start look annoying, and forget transitions.

However, Slide Share has reinvigorated me to working with Power point. This website allows you to upload, share, and even embed power point presentations. This presentation, for example, was created by my friend Michael Lambert from Concordia International School at Shanghai, about our Learning 2.0 conference:

Of course, this could be used to share student work, or your presentations. This example is just a series of pictures of Anamorphic art (even better examples than the ones I posted about before here and here):

...and this example is a lesson in itself; a shot by shot analysis of the movie Pleasantville:

Perhaps you have a bunch of PowerPoints that you've used for your lessons. Even if they've passed the point of 'tried and true' to you, they'll be new to someone else. Why not share? In fact, if you want to upload some lessons and send them to me, I'll create a page of "Slide Shows for Art Lessons".


  1. Anonymous said...

    As usual I am enjoying all the great information and links you post on The Carrot Revolution. I found this and thought you might enjoy it.


    Thanks again for everything.

    dsgran said...
    Hey Morgan-
    Thanks! I appreciate the comment. Thanks for contributing that site- great blog!
    lruggles said...
    Thanks for the link to SlideShare! I've been looking for a simple way to display my student's work on my blog! Did a simple one with their papier mache birds today! As a MS/HS art teacher I check in with your blog daily! Thanks again for the great links!
    dsgran said...
    Glad you found it useful Laura! I'm always glad to hear how teachers are using stuff they found here in their curriculums and schools!

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