How to Draw A Head

This website from The Academy of Art University explains how to draw a head.

Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of tutorials. I'm sure you'll appreciate the irony, because I post them here from time to time. In fact, theres another one just two posts down.

I'm torn because I don't like the idea of 'canned lessons', and yet I love the idea of creating content and sharing. Sharing, is one of my prime motivations in keeping this blog. So where do tutorials fit in?

Well, in two ways, I think. First of all, I love the tutorials on digital art (like Blender and Photoshop) because the technologies are so new, so exciting, and so rapidly changing. Keeping up with tutorials allows artists to see exactly how these tools can be used. Every time I read (or watch) a photoshop tutorial, I discover a new way to use a number of different tools together to get an entirely new result.

Second of all, its another useful tool for differentiated instruction. Take the face lesson above. Maybe you're lesson on how to draw a face, as phenomenal as it is, isn't resonating with one or two students. Maybe they need a different approach. Just a thought.

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  1. little miss trashy said...
    sir , i am grateful that you like sharing , and that i've chanced upon this site . i've always been curious about the arts , but have little talents and courage to pursue it . your entries are always so entertaining and educational [: i saw your first entry and just kept backtracking. your blog is a piece of art by itself ! kudos .

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