I was hoping to make the Carrot Cast a monthly thing here at the revolution, but like everything else here, its going to just have to happen when it happens. Last month Kim and I went to the Shanghai 2007 Contemporary Art Expo. It was a last minute decision to go, as we were in the final week before our 2.0 conference, but we decided it was something that we just couldn't miss.

Today's Carrot Cast will show you some highlights from the expo:

Music: Bye Bye Blues by Esquivel.

You might recognize some of the artwork, including a piece by one of my favorite video artists, Nam June Paik , as well as some of Tony Oursler's somewhat creepy installations. Below you can see a slide show of my Expo Flickr set which has a few images not included in the 'cast:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

One of the pictures could use a little explanation - the image of people bending down and looking in the cracks under the walls was an interesting installation of tiny creatures sculpted from dust and small bits of clay. In the first image you see a man in a business suit crouching down, in the second, you see a close-up of the little figures.

Unfortunately, I didn't do a very good job at recording all of the artist names with the work that I photographed, so I just decided to leave it out of the video entirely. If you have a question about a specific piece and I have the answer, I'm certainly happy to share it.

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    Congrstulations on your first Carrot Cast. Nicely done!

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