Plastic Tape Sculptures

Rebecca Burch of Art 304 just posted this very cool how-to video for making plastic tape sculptures to Art Ed 2.0:

This project is based on the work of street artist Mark Jenkins who does some very cool projects. Here are some examples:

One thing I really like about Rebecca's project is the integration of the recycling theme. The tape itself isn't recycled and yet because it results in a mesh of plastic, there's still a sense of 'the medium is the message' there. As a result, her students' amazing work will create a lasting impression that will likely stay with the viewers (and artists!) longer than a simple logo or clever phrase would.

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  1. Kelsey said...
    I'm a first year art teacher hoping to do a tape cast project but I'm lost as to where I can get large quantities of cheap packing tape...any suggestions?

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