CS3: A Love Story

I finally had a chance to sit down with Photoshop CS3 last night and get to know it a little better. It began with awkward introductions and inevitable clumsiness associated with expectations based on prior relationships with other graphic design programs (including more than a few of CS3's predecessors). However, once we got the basic get-to-know you out of the way and got into the deep soul-searching 'what are we here for' conversations, I realized that I have truly found true love again in graphic design.

The big thing that attracts me to CS3 is the ease at which you can add effects to and rotoscope video. I'll say that again, in case you missed it. You can manipulate video in CS3 with the same ease that you can work with still images. Sure it might take a bit longer (depending on what your doing and if you're working frame by frame), but the potential here is amazing.

Its not that you can suddenly do stuff that you couldn't do before. Certainly anything that you can do in CS3 you could previously do with programs like After Effects or Shake (just to name a few). However, now, anyone with a skill set in Photoshop can do some pretty fantastic stuff in video as well and only learn a few new tricks.

Maybe its just the rose-colored glasses that new love inevitably brings, but I'm thinking that CS3 might just signal a big change for what students will be doing -sooner- in video classes.


  1. Murray said...
    Hi Carrot Revolution,

    My student Brent at RWU was one of your students and he shared your site with me--great site.

    Totally agree about CS3--and check out how the animation features are now like After Effects! It's so intuitive now--this is going to revolutionize animation education (and I don't think revolution is too strong of a word) because most schools already have Photoshop and most students already know how to use it.

    dsgran said...
    Hey Murray,
    Thanks for dropping by! I haven't even gotten into the animation effects yet and I'm already amazed. Maybe that will be my lazy sunday morning activity this weekend. I think you're right though, going from Photoshop to After Effects is a huge (and a not too intuitive) move, as both programs serve different functions, and would be used in different fields. This bridges a gap that a lot of people probably wouldn't have even thought about crossing.

    ...and tell Brent to get his artwork online! I'd love to see what he's doing now.


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