It Just Keeps Getting Better

Its a good time to be teaching digital art. On Friday, I confessed my love for Adobe CS3, and nothing has changed - but now I have to admit my attraction to two other graphics programs (that sounds much worse than it actually is).

The first is Splashup A fantastic online editor, which is a tad more limited than Adobe Photoshop Elements (the painting functions don't work so smoothly, there arent' as many filters), but has two distinct advantages. Its online, and its free. Because you can easily grab images from your Flickr, Picasa, or Facebook account (as well as grab an image from your computer or a URL of your choosing), you can now edit your photos anywhere at anytime.

The second is Vector Magic. This amazing website allows you to quickly convert any image from raster to vector. For those of you who are using illustrator for design, this free online app is a huge time saver!

CS3, nothing has changed between us. You are still first and foremost, my graphics program of choice, now and forever.

Until CS4, at least.


  1. Lantzvillager said...
    Have you used Piknik (http://www.picnik.com/)? It's another online, free-for-now, editor.
    dsgran said...
    No, I hadn't, and thanks for the heads up - theres a whole bunch of them, often very similar or offering some unique little feature (like adding word bubbles, etc).

    The thing I like about splashup though, is that its really very similar to photoshop and does 90% of what you'd normally do- plus it allows you to work in layers, which is a huge bonus!

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