Embed That Russian Site

I mentioned this Russian site a while ago here, and I've just started using it again with my Kindergarten students. I'm still not sure what its actually called, but I've found a bunch of new features*, including the ability to embed it!

I'm such a sucker for an embed code. Really, show me any dumb internet fad with an embed code and I'll find a reason to post it here. Anyway, notice that it also gives you three "pages" to work with - this could be a fun way of doing a quick bit of digital storytelling!

Is there any one out there who speaks Russian and can tell me what this site is actually called?

*One feature it seems to be missing however, is the ability to include punctuation in the text- notice the gobbledygook that appears where I used quotes and apostrophes


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hi David,

    I will try to post a comment here. If you don't receive it, I will email it to you.

    The animation/slide show is not showing up correctly. The slides are cut in half (too wide for your column). The animation is really cute though. I get the gist of it.

    The program didn't "read" your text correctly. Took me a second or two to figure out that you wrote "I'm posting" (program didn't read the ')

    dsgran said...
    thanks Judy!

    I think i fixed it. Is it working now? anyone :)?
    Katie said...
    I can see the animation just fine! :)
    Rebecca Burch said...
    I guess you fixed it. It is playing just fine and looks great!
    dsgran said...
    Thanks Judy, Katie, Becky, and Craig- I appreciate the feedback. I had to tinker with it a few times, but I guess that's the price of using a Russian site behind a Chinese firewall!

    Thanks all!
    Anonymous said...
    the search engine is yandex. (yet another indexer) and its been around for a while.

    rndex looks like a shmorgazborg between english "index" and индекс or "search"


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