Mix N' Match

This very cool photoshopping contest at Crestock , a stock photography site, challenges participants to use a select few images to create a unique composition of their own. Any other images that you want to use as well is fair game, but the central image has to be one of those provided. The first round included the pictures above, and the picture below is one of the results:

There are a couple good anti-war compositions, but I just can't bear the thought of seeing Bush's face in greater detail when I open my blog (I was halfway thinking of blurring it out or covering it with something rather inappropriate for a teacher's blog). However, you can see the results of the first round here. There is an interesting mix of compositions that use the provided images, original images, and images appropriated elsewhere in greatly varying degrees. I'm curious to try this with students. Would they be more likely to collage the given images together, use more of their own, or look to other sources?


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